This week’s subject is: How should we plan for integrating ICT?

Questions to think about are, for example:

Q1. Who should be involved in choosing technology or digital content for a school? I would say here that it is a collaborative decision to be taken, needing both pedagogical background and IT background, i.e. the teacher and an IT specialist knowledgeable on such tools.

Q2. What criteria do you think should be the most important to be considered when choosing new technology or new content? The idea is to use technology to solve teaching “problems”, to support teaching objectives, not just for the sake of technology. It also needs to be part of a global IT strategy at the school level, including the awareness of what exists so far (hardware, software but also teachers’ skills with IT) and what the school’s target is.

Q3. What are your plans for further extending the digital environment of your school, or your schools? What should a school be aiming at? Regarding the context of my future IT activity, the existing tools are almost non-existing: I will introduce a few desktops and laptops where there are only very old and little used desktops. So the plan is to start slowly with a group of 10 students in pairs on a laptop, then add desktops and tablets to reach a one-to-one situation. After this experience we’ll see if it is possible to extend the size of student groups and/or number of PCs.

The section about Computational thinking, etc… is directly relevant to my plans!