As mentioned in earlier posts, i’m interesting in the use of Minecraft for educational purposes. So what better than following the MOOC called “Minecraft for Educators“?

So, here I am with an assignment: “identify the different platforms that you can play Minecraft on e.g. Console, Tablet, PC etc… and produce a comparison describing the differences and limitations of each.”.

I read a few pages and listed my findings in the following table:

Version runs on… Features
Minecraft Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) survival mode, creative mode, creatures, environmental hazards, craft table
Minecraft Pi Raspberry Pi similar to PE, + text commands to edit the game world, ability to manipulate things in the game world through programming language; Creative Mode is the only game mode available; no mob spawning
Minecraft PE Smartphones & tablets creative building, primitive survival aspect, not all features of the PC release (lacks brewing and hunger, and lacks bosses and dimensions); chests can be placed in more orientations than the PC, or the console editions.
Minecraft Xbox 360 Xbox specific crafting system (no need to place blocks), control interface, in-game tutorials, split-screen multiplayer; world barricaded by invisible walls
MinecraftEDU server for connecting students in a multiplayer environment Student management tools to control where students can go, where they can build, and how they interact with the world and each other; Powerful building tools that allow teachers to quickly add their own content into the game

The sources are: