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I just finished the Coursera MOOC on “Emerging Trends & Technologies in Virtual K12 Education” and now have several resources to explore and use.
First, I had to understand what K-12 refers to: that’s the American name for “Kindergarten to 12th grade”, that is education between 3-4 and 18-19 years old. In France: maternelle, primaire, collège, lycée…
Then, I listened through all videos and made a first visit to the links in the resource sheets.
Several sites and concepts I noted:
* list of criteria to evaluate a technology for educative use – that’s very useful!
* gamification: use of badges (Mozilla Open Badges?), points, levels, leaderboards, and… Minecraft? but also Scratch, and SimCity for education
* online assessment: not only quizzes, but also project portfolio (wiki,…), participation in forums or synchronous activities (Chat,…)
* many resources, related to OERs (Open Educational Resources) and MOOCs

open class

Now it’s time for me to use this! So I have to:
* check which resources are in French, to use with my children
I’m already using Duolingo and Scratch (see other posts), and I now see that the French translation of Khan Academy has made enough progress to start using it. Both with my 6 year old daughter (maths) and my 11 year old son (programming), it has some success!
* check how to use Minecraft in a educative way, as my son is already a player…
* see how to use the gamification aspect (badges, levels,…) in the courses I give to adults
I’ve started to use the Moodle platform, including quizzes, so I have to explore the ideas of levels, adaptive learning, badges (Mozilla Open Badges can be used in Moodle apparently). Not sure about shared leaderboards with rankings?
* widen the types of online assessments in the courses I give to adults
So far, I’m mainly using quizzes, and some assignments where one or several files have to be uploaded. Maybe the next one to explore would be a wiki-based project portfolio (I created a Wikispaces classroom to explore its features).