Now that I’ve found out about this “Open Education” concept (see my post on French-speaking MOOCs), I’ve had the chance to stumble upon a MOOC from the Open University, entitled “Open Education” and starting this week! How great!

Topics are:
Week 1: Openness in education
Week 2: Open education resources
Week 3: Moving beyond OER
Week 4: MOOCs
Week 5: Pedagogy in open learning
Week 6: Operating in an open world
Week 7: Conclusion

That way, I can test another MOOC (that makes me follow an American, a British and a French one in parallel) AND learn about Open Education.

First step: setup a blog and write about the course… ok, done!

Also: register the blog into the blog aggregator, tweet using the right hashtag (#h817open), register into Cloudworks to be able to apply for badges (interesting, that’s new for me…), test out the OU Live system, and have a look at some other Open Learn units (I made the first part of “Stadte und Menschen”).

That’s for the technical environment. Then, let’s start with the first readings about flavours of openness…