So, for his programming learning experience, as a first step, I decided to let my son “play” with Scratch: I just showed him how to launch it, and how to drag a component into the script area.


Then I handed him the “Getting started” document I had printed and left the room. That was a full success! He loved it!

When I came back, he had gone successfully through the whole exercise and had started to add hand-drawn objects (nice fish!) and variations of scripts.


After that, we went through the “Reference Guide”; most parts he had found out by himself, but still learned a few more tricks. Which he applied in a new “project” of his, started from nothing…


Then came frustration: “I want to learn more, I want more exercises!”. So I looked for more tutorials and provided him with those 2 (in French):


* http://scratched.media.mit.edu/resources/tutoriel-scratch-th%C3%A9s%C3%A9e-et-le-minotaure

Let’s see if he likes them…