Yesterday, I received an email reminding me that the course I had registered to, 7.00x – Introductory Biology – The Secret of Life, was starting. It is a 12-week course, with no pre-requisites, an optional textbook (optional readings are available in the online version of the book), homework (6 problem sets) and 3 exams.

So I had a look at the introduction (Syllabus, Schedule, Readings), and went to the Week 1 material. An Overview, Goals and Objectives are given. Then 2 lectures made of several short videos with small tests in-between (the first one is to post something in the forum). I just started Lecture 1.

A good point: We can see the course is expected to be followed by non-native English students: you can slow down (x0.75) the videos and there are captions.